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IOD - Kindest Regards Decor Stamp (12"x12")

IOD - Kindest Regards Decor Stamp (12"x12")

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The Kindest Regards Decor Stamp is a versatile stamp that will surely add a touch of warmth to any piece. Make sure to spread a touch of good vibes and kindness throughout your home with this stamp. Like the other stamps in this collection, what makes this unique is that it is designed in scale and motif, making them perfect for creating unique, stunning décors for your home or for important events such as birthdays, weddings, retirement parties, etc. You can even use them as perfect letter stamp adornments for jewellery and culinary creations.

The Kindest Regards Iron Decor Stamp is suitable to use for different stamping techniques, including masking, clay impressions and paint texture creation. It is perfect for use in various applications and surfaces such as fabric, ceramics, floors, walls, wood and even sugar arts. It is also a perfect match for various mediums, including ink, paint, edible paste gel and embossing powder.

IOD Kindest Regards Stamp, like the other IOD Stamps, can be used differently. You can mount them on a décor block or use freestyle, which would mean using the plastic sheet that comes with them. You may even use them directly, without any mount, if desired. Like the other stamps in this collection, this is made from high-quality material, making them quite sturdy, so there’s no need to worry if you exert a little force when removing them from their backings.


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