Collection: Calambour Rice Paper

Karen J Creates is happy to offer the beautiful, Calambour Italy line of rice papers. Calambour is based in Milan Italy and is owned by a mother and daughter team who have taught the art of decoupage for many years all over the world. Calambour Italy’s designs are quality-made, timeless and classically beautiful rice papers.

New Calambour Seed Catalogue 4 Pack Rice Papers in Size A4 are here! Four vintage seed catalogue designs on one sheet of rice paper. Creative Ideas: These are so beautiful decoupaged onto plant pots, planters, galvanized tin decor, plaques with hooks, framed art, garden inspired journals and mixed media.

Note Calambour papers are available in A4, A3 size or A3 plus size, which is a slightly larger size than the standard A3.

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